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"Naydja is a wonderful teacher, musician, and human being! She brings endless dedication to her students and her craft, and has made a strong impact on our youth programs at GR!C."

Gabriella Hirsch, Girls Rock! Chicago Program  Coordinator

"Naydja makes music so funky and fun, you wish you lived behind the set. Best experience and learning environment no matter your experience level"

Alma R., Student

"Naydja is one of the best kept secrets in Chicago. I've played with a lot drummers in the city and few come close to her ability to groove in any time signature with personality and precision. But what really sets her apart is her enthusiasm for the things she does and the organic emotions she brings with every swing of her drumsticks."

Eric Novak, Band; Dissonant Dessert


Naydja Bruton

Music and teaching have been a huge part of my life. I am the oldest of my siblings and had a big hand in guiding them and from the day I grabbed my first pair of drum sticks I knew I was home. Traditional learning has always been troubling for me and music comprehension has been the toughest of all, but through determination I have found ways of learning that work for me. Nothing makes me happier than the ability to read and write in the language in which I speak, music. I am eager to pass on my knowledge to drummers in training so I have been working with Total Drummer founder Matt Dean on ways to master my technique. Through his mentorship I have been deep diving into rhythm and education to become a more well rounded musician and educator. If you want to know more email me using the "contact and booking" form below and/or click on the Total Drummer link to check out my teaching bio!


Behind the Scenes With Rhythm Ninja

Music is a Journey

Ever since a young age, I have found great joy and satisfaction in the creative process of drumming. It has always allowed me to express my truest feelings. As I continue to harness the power of rhythmic interpretation with a broad audience of fellow passionate musicians, it would be an honor to collaborate with artists around the world as well as pass on the joy of rhythm to young drummers in training. Take a look around the site to get to know more about the Rhythm Ninja technique.

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